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Amazing App ideas to boost your coding skills

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Before  reading this article, you might have thought of designing an app aleast a dozen times and to boostin  coding skills. Haven’t you? (App ideas to boost your coding skills)

Have you planned on how the app will look like,what will it provide  and did you execute it?

Or maybe you’d let it go as a silly idea.

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It’s often said that ‘The perfect time to plant a seed  was 10 years ago, next best time is now’

the  proverb suites best to you to self reflect yourself about your dreams .start along with these basic questions –

  •   When did u thought  firstly to build an  mobile app
  • did you wrote it on paper?
  • have you let it slip away
  • did you started working on your coding skills to bring idea into shape?
  • did you got to know that your idea is very lame and  already in existence?

Reasons could be many,but first things first  the rookie step to mmake an app for boosting  your coding skills is to have a clear-cut idea on how  your app’s gonna look like,what would be its end result..

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rawback Media has brought to you some simple app making  ideas that are trending it can even be featured in their Google Play and the App Store.Read this full article to kickstart your next coding project or take a brainstorm to buckle up your programming-coding skills.

1.App for liestyle balance


An app aiming on managing personal and professional lifestyle  is the very demand today as people are struugling to make up with lockdowns. as the entire ecosystem in work from home mode, it becomes most import to schedule work-life balance. to utilize time effectively ,  working hours, dedicating personal time, and rfor refreshments of mind.

2. Apps to read out text

This app idea can cengage to everyone, be it  a student or a professional.  an app that can read the text written on a paper and writes the same text on the phone/PC/tablet. It brings knowledge of artifiacial intelligence in advanced level of scanning where everything can be saved in a digital format of text.icludes knowledge of NLP ( Neural Language Processing)

3.Apps to set goals & stay motivated

One can design an app that lets people achieve their goals in the most systematic way. Once the user updates the app with their goals, the app can collect all the resources, online material, forms, links, blogs, other app suggestions, and everything relatable required by the person to achieve his goal.

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4.Apps for Receipt and inventory  management

The growth of online transactions, shopping, and bill payments have no systematic way of collecting receipts received. The receipt management app can create a user id on which every dealer or responsible vendor can send the receipt of the transaction. This way the struggle of managing receipts manually can easily be overcome.

You are reading App ideas to boost your coding skills

5.Apps for Business.

Startups in India are now witnessing a larger growth from the last few years. Lots of enchacement in funding and aid from government policies, many people now want to qccomplish their dream of a startup. Coding an app  for such budding startups & entrepreneurs could be a cool task.  an app that  provides tips, rules and regulations, policy information, client leads, information of investing firms, and so on

6.Apps to Find lost items

Its often to see that things we wish to find in most need are hardest to find.its a wish that if there could be an app that can locte mis placed objects, often found in common jackets of home such as nail-cutter, sciccors,glue,keys,wallet etc. Surely this is gonna be a handy & a booming tol soon. Ofcourse it will take you to whole next level of facial regonition ot=r image anakysis in python.

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