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Blown? What? Ur mind!


Hello! friends, getting bored in this lockdown? Read some of these unknown facts which will completely blow your mind. And I’m sure you will find it interesting. Here we go…

20 interesting facts mentioned below

1) Chocolate may kill dogs , as it contains theobromine which affects their heart and nervous system very badly.

2) Hot water will turn into ice faster than the cold water.

3) The Mona Lisa had no eyebrows .

4) Women blink nearly twice as much as the men do it.

5) Cuddling releases natural pain killers.

6) All polar bears are left handed.

7) The butterflies taste with their feet .

8) Most lipstick contain the fish scales.

9) Coca cola was originally green in colour.

10) Your nose and ears never stop growing.

11) Bees can fly higher than mount Everest.

12) Dogs can learn upto 250 words and gestures.

13) It only takes upto 4 min to decide whether you like someone or not.

14) Falling in love has neurological effect as cocaine .

15) Couples who are too similar to each other are not likely to last.

16) Boys are more likely to be visual learners.

17)Men prefer looser clothes with age.

18) Wisdom teeth serve no purpose.

19) Blushing is caused by a rush of adrenaline.

20) Women’s heart beat faster than men’s.

That’s all for today guys. Hope you liked it. Thank you and have a wonderful day. Stay home 🏡, stay safe. Thank you.



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