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Do you know these cat breeds?

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Hello cat Lovers, since a long time you may be owing a cat or dreaming /planning to own one. Taming a pet animal has always been people’s pride and when it comes to cats, They Symbolize Honour , Class & Lifestyle. These enchanting creatures keep us astonished with their purrs & Playful activities and poses.

Bringing you some of the lesser known yet famous Cat Breeds around World.

Cat Breed

1. The Persian cat

The Persian Cat , known for its furry skin all over the body This Breed was shown at world’s first cat show at Crystal Palace, London in 1871.Its popularly known as shirazi cat in Middle eastern countries.


2. Siamese cat

19th US President Rutherford B. Hayes owned a cat of this breed. This breed holds name as Siamese cat

3. Abyssinian

Abyssinian breed is known for its ‘ticked’ coat, which gives it a wildcat look.Origins trace to Ethopian country.

4. Maine coon

The most famous breed starred in the ‘Harry Potter’ series named as Pebble, it played the role of Mr.Norris in the movie.

5.munchkin cat

The breed is known for its short and stubby legs. In 2013, a cat of this breed name lileput became the shortest living cat measuring 5.24 inches mere.


This breed is believed to be the National Cat of France and also a cat of this breed named ste-cat is the official mascot of Montreal International Jazz Festival.

7.Turkish van

Also known as the swimming cat due to its love for water. the name it got resembling distinctive color pattern of its skin.


8.Siberian cat

Endemic to seminarian regions, siberian cats have unique strengths.Former Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev owned a cat of this breed.


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