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Do you know these facts about the human mind?

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Hello readers, Do you know the Astonishing facts about human mind?

Bored with this mundane life? Don’t want to read old blogs nor do hefty google scroll? No problem, we are here for you. This article brings you some of the most amazing and breathtaking facts about humans of which you never knew off. So, Lets read along –

1.Your subconscious mind is 95% of your brain.
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Our mind is made up of 95 % of dark matter, which accounts for all our subconscious actions taken in daily life. you may not know, but the gut instinct comes actually from this subconscious mind. This area already takes a decision which you will be taking later.

2.You will watch your favorite movie 10+ times if addicted to it.
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Addicted to a movie, this happens when you find that movie to be connected to yourselves, you may watch it 10+ times in just a frenzy.

3.We get attracted to things which appears to be flashy.
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Our mind is like a paranoid, randomly roams thousands of thoughts in seconds. In real life , things which appear to us flashy or unique regardless of its utility we get attracted and will do anything to gain that without any second thought.

3.You will start to like the person who praises you more.
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Our mind too likes to have compliments and praises. because cortisol hormones that generate happy feelings in us are receptive to neural impulses. and someone praises us a lot more than not, we get instantly attracted to them.

4.Anything you addicted to for more than 3 weeks will become a habit.
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You might have heard that to cultivate a habit, it needs to be practiced for 21 days. i.e In the course of three weeks, your mind creates a pathway in the brain which will make it easier for you to take up.

5.People will remember the smell of the objects they like for a long time.
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Notice how perfume and deodorant companies show flashy ads – people getting attracted to the good essence. yes its scientifically proven that our memory is associated with the smell and the picture of the object or thing you have seen.

5.Want to draw someone’s attention? Just stare & try eye-contact.
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Have you ever wanted to ask out that girl’s name in the party, or might have wanted to approach this person for a talk. The easiest hack is just to stare them lightly. Whenever you make eye contact with someone randomly, Just smile! They will most likely smile back and will talk to you.

6.People with many friends live 3.7 years more than those who are isolated.
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Want to live longer? get along with friends or people you know off as proven in a survey that people in a social circle live longer than the lonelier ones.

7.The size of your social circle is related to the size of your brain.
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Yes, the more you meet people and interact with them, your brain produces more neurons and cortex’s and helps you to think big, live happily, and work smartly.

8.If you don’t get out of the box,you won’t understand how much bigger the world is.
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Often the school education doesn’t teach us to think out of the box i.e to thing innovative. The thought area of our brain i.e the function of the amygdala is associated with our upbringing and surroundings. So to know how bigger is this world’ Start thinking & doing what most people don’t ‘.

9.Love is double edged-sword.
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love is beautiful, but it can also be a painful experience., your emotions, as well as beliefs of the world, are also connected to that person. If only walked with balance, you can make it to last forever. Sometimes slight misunderstanding or ego ruins everything. Breakup is underrated.

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10. Want people to always remember you : Boost their self esteem
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People always remember how you made them feel. as it said that boosting someone’s self-esteem makes them respect you and they will always remember you for your help, motivation, sincere talk, care, or affection.

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