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Five interesting facts of the world, about which you will hardly know


This world is as beautiful as it is interesting. You must have heard about many interesting facts related to this world, which surprise people. Today we are going to tell you about some such interesting facts, after knowing that perhaps you will think many times before believing in it.

Umangot River

Interesting facts about Umangot River
Umangot River

There is a river in Meghalaya called ‘Umangot River’, which is called the cleanest river in India. The river is near the village of Mawliannang, which is said to be the cleanest village in Asia. There are about 300 houses in the village and altogether with clean the river. The most important thing is that a fine of up to Rs 5000 is charged from people for spreading dirt in this river.

The sea meets the desert in Namibia

The sea meets the desert in Namibia

Namibia is a place where the Atlantic Ocean meets the West Coast Desert. It is the oldest desert in the world, which is more than five and a half million years old. The special thing is that the sand dunes seen here are the largest in the whole world.

A brazil water fall

Interesting facts about  A brazil water fall

How much the drinking water scarcity is worldwide, itis well known. But do you know which country is the one that has the most potable water in the world? If not, let us tell you that the name of this country is Brazil, which has the highest amount of renewable water resources, totaling 8,233 cubic kilometers.


Interesting facts about Cotton

Itis generally believed that notes are made of paper, but you would b surprised to know that notes are made of cotton rather than paper. This is because cotton is much stronger than paper and does not burst quickly.

Green bird

Interesting facts about Green bird

Hariyal, the state bird of Maharashtra, is a bird that never sets foot on the earth. They like the forest with tall trees. Harial birds often prefer to build their nests on peepal and banyan trees. They are social animals and are mostly found in herds.

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