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How to increase Facebook Like |Facebook Like Badhane Wala App


Today, everyone is present in the world of Facebook and uses Facebook, but the joy of running Facebook is only when you have many friends or if you have lots of likes and comments on your Facebook photo, status, etc. For this, many people will ” They also use the Facebook Like Badhane Wala App ”. increase Facebook Like

Because our way of life has changed today and our attachment to the world of internet has increased a lot, when we put any of our photos, videos or status on social media like Facebook, we hope that we will get a lot of likes and comments .

increase Facebook Like

How to increase Facebook Like

You can make up to 5,000 friends on Facebook social media platform, but all our known people are more than 500-800 people and many of them do not use facebook every day.

But when we see a lot of likes and comments on some other photo on Facebook, then there is a feeling in us that I wish we had a lot of likes on our photo as well, so the question arises that how to increase Facebook likes?

You can increase likes on Facebook in two ways, the first way in which you can increase FaceBook Like in an organic way and the second way in which you can use “Facebook Like Badhane Wala App” or Facebook Auto Like.

Ways to increase Facebook Like

We are telling you about both ways to increase Facebook likes, you can use what you like, so let’s know.

Facebook Like Badhane Wala App

When you create a new account on Facebook, you do not have any friends, nor do you get Facebook Like, Cooment, so many people use Facebook Auto Like App or Facebook Like Badhane Wala App.

With the help of these apps, you can increase the likes on your photos in minutes or just one click, but these Facebook likes are for people you don’t even know, that means Facebook Auto Like on your photo.

By the way, there are many Facebook Like Badhane Wala App available on the Internet, but we are giving you the information about the apps which are most used for Facebook Auto Like.

Top Facebook Auto Like Apps

-FB Liker
-FBoost app
-Get Instant Likes app
-Apental Calc

How to use Facebook Auto Like App

Step-1 First of all you have to download any of the above apps.

Step-2 After downloading and installing the app, open it and login with your Facebook account.

Step-3 Now follow some steps given by the App.

Step-4 After Facebook Auto like App is setup, select that photo, status but you want to increase Facebook Like.

Step-5 In this process you may get to see a lot of science ie Ad, so follow the step carefully.

Facebook Like Badhane Wala App Feature

  1. Generates Automatic Facebook Like
  2. In it you can see the live Facebook likes rising in real time.
  3. It is very easy to use after downloading and installing.
  4. You can get unlimited Like and Comment using these app.
  5. They are user friendly.
  6. Can be downloaded and used for free

Precautions for Facebook Auto Like

  • This app likewise gives you unlimited Like and Comment posts, but it belongs to those people who do not know.
  • Do not use personal Facebook account to use such App.
  • If you use a personal Facebook account, then immediately change Facebook Password after increasing Facebook Like.
  • Use only once or twice a day or else Facebook will find out that you are spamming, after which your Facebook account can be blocked.
  • This type of App is safe, it cannot be said, so use them with thoughtful thinking.

How to Grow Facebook Like Organic Way

This is another better way to increase Facebook Like in which your Facebook account is completely safe and due to this you can increase Facbooke Fan Following, for this you follow our discussed step.

  1. Give your Facebook account a professional look and enter all your important information.
  2. Name your Facebook so that people can easily remember and be unique.
  3. Use HashTag in your Facebook photos and status.
  4. Tag Facebook photos and status with your friends.
  5. Upload photos on Facebook that people can share.
  6. You can also use Facebook Ad to increase Facebook Like.
  7. Keep posting something every day that people will stay connected with you.
  8. Add photos and statuses that connect other people’s lives as well.
  9. Use Youtube, Instagram, Tik-Tok, Blog etc. to increase your fan following.
  10. Try to reply to all the comments found on your photo.


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