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How to increase Instagram follower


Do you want to grow or increase Instagram follower so that you too can become your popularity in the world of the internet, today we are going to give you complete information about this. If you really have the passion to earn a name and be popular then this post will be very beneficial for you.

How to grow increase Instagram follower and likes

Ways to increase Instagram Follower

Profile Setup

It is most important that you set up your profile properly because when someone looks at your profile only then he decides whether to follow you or not. The better your profile is, the more followers will be attracted to you.

If you have made your profile private then make it public only then your follower will be able to increase and also set the profile settings properly.

About Yourself

Make sure to write about yourself in your profile as people try to know about you, so write about yourself like Education, Hobby, Likes, Dreams, etc.

If you have a website or blog, then definitely give a link to it, it not only benefits your website and blog, but your followers also grow. increase Instagram follower

Contacting to Soical Media

If you use more than one social media, such as link Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. to each other, by doing this, your friends and follower will connect you on all social media. Which increases your follower.

Post Daily

A lot of people make the mistake that they do not remain active on their account, due to which the people they follow also unfollow, so you have to keep on doing Consistent Posting. With this, the follower starts to grow. So from now on always be active on your account.

Used Uniqueness

You should understand one thing very well that no one will follow you like this unless you see something different and better in you. So always try to make it unique and better before posting anything.

This is one way that can greatly increase your fan following. So always try to do something different.

Always use Hash Tag (#)

Make sure to use hash tag while making your post because using it your post reaches a lot of people, obviously the more people your post reaches, the more your fan following will increase.

So use a hash tag and find a hash tag that is trending or you can create your own hash tag.

Comment and Reply

When you comment on someone’s post, many people read the comment that they. Know about you and if they like your profile, then they also start to follow you, so praise the good post. Do not back away from

Also, reply to every comment that comes to your post,. It becomes a good relation with your follower, who also starts liking and sharing your post.

Set Posting timing

This is also an important point that gives a boost to your follower means that you have to do your post at the time when more and more people are present,. There is a lot of chance that the post will reach a lot of people. Keeping this in mind, you can also increase your follower.

Target Holiday and Special day

India is a country of festivals where every festival comes every day and every countryman is associated with their festivals,. So post something on the occasion of festivals that can connect with people’s feelings.

People share such posts the most and. It can make you viral everywhere and can increase your fan following a lot. Similarly, people spend maximum time on social media on holiday days, you should also keep this in mind.

Create Blog

As we have already told you that there are many such platforms on the internet, With the help of which you can increase your follower. Blogging is one such way if you have grief to write, Then you can make your own blog and increase your popularity on the internet.

In this way you can become countless followers, this is a great way that you can make a. Follower on your social media with earning money from the internet.

Start your YouTube Channel

If you watch Youtube videos then you must have seen many such creators or. YouTubers who in every video of their viewers ask them to follow them on. Social media and they have millions of followers.

Similarly, you can also create your own follower by creating a professional. YouTube channel and it is your complete real follower who likes you a lot.


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