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How to spend Quality Time with your children?

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Hello readers, today as in this hectic life lot-of times we are self immersed in our work & chores , and often we do forget to spend some Quality with with our child & with other family members. Be it a office work, your own project or maybe a chit-chat with old friends.Kids grow up so fast! The starting years of childhood are very important for their well-being, as these early years will affect their functionality in adulthood as well.

It’s important for them to have some quality time & great memories with their parents. Read along to find out various activities on How to spend Quality Time with your children?

Drawing or coloring

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Drawing & Coloring is a great way to develop children’s interests.It could be an artistic one or just to smudge& scribble on a piece of paper . teaching them to color inside the lines is a nice and easy alternative.


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Dancing is great exercise! It will teach your kids how to unwind and have fun, plus it may tire them out before bed, so you can have some quality time for yourselves.

Folding & Ironing Clothes

Happy family mother housewife and child daughter ironing clothes iron in laundry at home

It may be boring, but it is necessary! Teaching children that this is a part of life is a good way to prepare them for some of the grooming care & etiquette of life.


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Kids get homework very young these days! It is quite an adjustment for them, but with your help they can get a better idea of how to keep up and get good grades.

Watching stars

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Astronomy is a great way to introduce your children to some science and a bit of knowledge about how the world works! No need to invest in expensive equipment either.

Going to the library

Education really is key to success in life. Encouraging your children to get into a good reading habit while they are young is a great way to help them excel.

Play Board games

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Playing games doesn’t have to be reserved for the holidays! It’s a great way to teach your children about playing fair, and will help them build valuable teamwork skills

Playing outdoor games

Go to the grocery store

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Like cooking, buying food will eventually be a necessity for your children. Teaching them how it all works early will be valuable to them, and you can even let them pick a small treat to celebrate.

Cook with them

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To have some cooking skills is very crucial as well as passionate in life.As in their adulthood they may be going to different places to study or to work or after marriage they certainly have to cook. You can start making basic cookies,deserts,shakes & you can progress to curries,veggies etc.

Take a walk with them

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It’s very important for you to put kids into the habit of exercising from a young age. Teaching them exercise can be fun, even if its a short walk in morning or evening with fresh air & green surroundings, it will be a forever time memory for them.

walk your kids to school

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This may not be possible every single day, but whenever you can, it is well worth doing. Your presence will give them a sense of security, and the extra exercise can only do good.

Bedtime stories

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It’s always a good idea to read to kids at bedtime. They will feel safe in your presence and it will help them to fall asleep peacefully. Make it more fun one weekend with a tent and a flashlight!


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Involving your children in healthy and fulfilling habits may be a great way to prevent them from picking up bad ones later in life.

Origami & Crafts

Crafty activities are always fun! Origami is sufficiently simple that you can help your child make pretty shapes that they will get the hang of in no time.

Silly selfies

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