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Indian states and its delicacies:-


Indian is often considered as the land that has its ‘unity in its diversity’. There are many interesting facts about India that reflect the diverse cultures existing here together. Every state in Indian is a unique repository of its own art and history. It’s tough to think of another country in the world that has so much diversity among its states. India has diversity in all fields, and here I’ll be focusing on just one diversity, i.e – diversity in food.

We all love to travel and tour. As most of us is a foodie, so I don’t want u all to miss anything special for which you may regret later on. So, here is some helpful information regarding the famous foods which you may try while visiting these states.

1) Andhra pradesh – Pulihora

2) Arunachal pradesh- Bamboo shoots

3) Assam – Duck meat curry (non-veg), Aalu pitika (veg)

Duck – meat curry (non-veg)
Aalu pitika ( veg )

4) Bihar – Litti chokha

5) Chhattisgarh- Muthiya

6) Goa – Bebinka

7) Gujarat – Khaman dhokla

8) Haryana – Singri ki sabji

9) Himachal pradesh – Chana madra

10) Jammu and kashmir- Modur pulao

11) Jharkhand – Dhuska

12) Karnataka – Neer dosa

13) Kerala – Sadhya

14) Madhya pradesh – Indori poha

15) Maharashtra- vada pav

16) Manipur – Chamthong or Kangshoi 

17) Meghalaya – Jadoh

18) Mizoram – koat pitha

19) Nagaland – Bamboo shoot

20) Orissa – Rice dishes and roti

21) Punjab – makke ki roti and sarso ka saag.

22) Rajasthan – daal baati churma

23) Sikkim – gundruk soup

24) Tamil nadu – uttapam

25) Telangana – sarv pindi

26)Tripura – mui borok

27) Uttar pradesh – baati chokha

28) Uttarakhand- kafuli

29) West Bengal – aalu potol posto

Hey guys ! it took a hell lot of time to compile this blog. I hope it’s gonna be helpful. Thank you.



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