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Jio glasses to hit India this year


Reliance Jio has recently  launched india’s first smart glasses called Jio Glass. Jio Glass a marvel of mixed reality & is backed 4G tech to the paired phone, just like Snap Spectacles 3 . Jio glasses to hit India this year Its a product developed by the collaborated teams of Jio inc,which recently got over Rs 33 crore from Google and from big investments from 13 other companies.

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The Idian as well as global market for smart devices is gonna boom soon, that’s’s  why there’s scope to launch products that will amaze customers and also bring next-generation technologies. Jio Glass is being pitching as an advanced tech  for video chats.

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 Jio Glass is expected  to rekindle the way people  interact in video calls.

Key information on jio Glasses as Jio glasses to hit India this year

Picture of mukesh ambani
  • Jio Glass to have analogy very much like Google Glass. But closer resemblance to Spectacles 3 by  Snapchat : trendy looks ,  Jio Glass to have thick frame of plastic.  Buttons to  different functionalities.

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  • Till now they haven’t revealed  information of the processor to be  used onboard the Jio .The company has says it will be running as many as 25 apps with supporting spatial and directional XR audio on its speakers. with two microphones on the glass a camera in the centre of two frames, right above the bridge, it will click photos and upload them in
  • Jio Glass will  be using  mixed reality for video calls  .Engine is  driven by Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for effects such 3D holographic image of people,, in addition to their 2D image from the regular video. Every character will appear right in front of the user’s eyes in a virtually created environment, just like an office or a conference room. People will  also be able to share files and make presentations (in both 2D and 3D formats) while being virtually available in Jio Glass’ environment.
  • Jio Glass will also be deployed for virtual classrooms to teach students online. As the china caused & infested pandemic  has forced schools to  shut-down globally,it will aim  to make teaching easier. It can simulate  virtual tour of places, and online marking of tests in the class with Jio Glass.
  • Jio Glasses to  currently support 25 apps meant for video conferencing and online utility.. with also support to  voice commands ,  reducing the old buttons.

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However Jio hasn’t said much about  the pricing & launch , It’s expected to hit India by this year’s last : as trend pundit’s say .


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