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Mother’s Day ( lockdown special )


By Sweeti Rani

“Children need your presence more than your presents.” – dedicated to all the mothers in the world.

10 ways which can make your mother feel special today:-

1) Make her kitchen free today- Prepare all the meals for her and for the family. This will surely let her know her importance in your life.

2) Make her a mug with photos of previous days– like showing previous albums to her. This will surely make her smile the whole day.

3) Rent her favorite movie, grab her favorite snacks, assemble all the family members and watch it with her.- she needs some of your time in the busy schedule. This will make her day and she will remember this always.

4) Startup a small herb garden for her. – if your mother is a plant lover…trust me She’ll surely love it.

5) Get a photoshoot done with all the family members – everyone is keen on the photographs nowadays. It has become a trend to click photos and has an upload on social media.

6) Make her a CD of her favorite tunes- there’s no doubt, everyone loves music. Music makes our minds calm and healthy.

7) Buy a locket or you may DIY, with a picture of the whole family inside it .- it will surely be the most cutest gift ever.

8) Paint or draw something for her.- it doesn’t matter how u paint or draw, but the feeling matters a lot. The way u express ur love is the biggest thing.

9) Get her a gift certificate for a spa, skincare, or hair salon. But for now, u may try home remedies with her – “self-care is the best care ” Everyone wants to look beautiful but mothers don’t get time for themselves because of family loads. This will surely impress her.

10) Make a mother’s day card for her – everyone loves the card. Even if not the card then the efforts u put on. It will surely be appreciated. Try it, it will make you feel good.


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