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“Myths about an IAS exam”-


Hello everyone! I’m here to make you aware of the common myths of an IAS exam. Every second person in India dreams to be an IAS officer. Many aspirants while preparing for the exam develop misconceptions that affect their confidence level and also their strength.

Here are some myths:-

Myth 1 – The aspirants need to study 16 hours a day. – Its always the quality that matters, not the quantity. So, guys, we all know the human brain needs to rest every 45 mins. No one can concentrate for that longer period. There are people who cracked the exam after studying only for about 5-6 hours daily, doing a job part-time. You must firstly, find your capacity. Do smart study and a fresh study.

Myth 2 – One needs to remember a lot of facts and data – if you think that learning all the facts will lead you to the post, you are hardly mistaken. They actually don’t test your factual knowledge, they judge about the way you interpret, understand, your thinking capacity, analytical skills, conceptual clarity, etc. They only ask for basic data and basic facts. It will be easier for you to learn them if u understand their significance.

Myth 3 – You need to do coaching in order to clear the exam. – it’s the student who studies, not the coaching Institutes. It is absolutely wrong to say that one cannot clear the exam without coachings. It’s a modern era, everyone has their resources available with them. So many affordable apps and websites are there to help them for the purpose.

It’s you who have to understand and make out “where you stand”. After that, you may decide between self – study or joining coaching institutes.

Myth 4 – You need to read many books on a single topic to become a master of the subject. – It’s always good to understand a single book in depth rather than reading multiple books for the same topic. It’s totally wastage of time and energy.

You should always make a note of the topic you understand to make it more effective. If you genuinely understand the topic, to gain more knowledge about the topic you may refer to other books.

Myth 5 – Having poor English can make you out of the race. – A language can’t decide your post. But if you think that you know your weak point. You should work on it to improve it. All you need is basic English, for that purpose read English Grammar book. And try to write some paragraphs in English daily to improve it sooner.

Myth 6 – There is corruption in recruiting IAS officers – this statement is totally wrong. The examination is so Opaque that you have to trust it blindly. Make yourself distant from these kinds of rumors which tend to decreases your potential and your confidence. Think positive and let yourself grow.

Myth 7 – Civil service exam is the toughest exam – it’s all about strategy, if you get the right direction, right instructions about the way you approach towards things, then nothing will be tough for you. The syllabus can be completed with a good strategy because they have done it.

We have many examples of the people who struggled and cracked the exam with the same syllabus and same time. “Winners don’t make excuses, and excuse-makers never win.”

Don’t believe in these fake Myths. Work hard with loyalty. Be loyal to yourself. It’s well said -” Hardship often prepares an ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny. ” Thank you.


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