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Relationship advice for men


Well! “Oxytocin”, you must have heard about it, right? Yes, it’s not your fault to fall in love, it’s all because of this silly hormone which influences bondings and attachments. All relationships go through the ups and downs, it’s natural. But the most important thing you must owe to your relationship is your loyalty.

Relationship advise for men-

The best relationship usually begins unexpectedly. And most of us fail to have a good and successful relationship. This only happens only if you give part-time people a full-time position in your life.

It’s important to know your worth, once it’s known, you will never make mistakes. “No relationship can survive without trust, honesty, and communication, no matter how close you are.” Love is not about expecting, it’s all about giving. Once you learn to give and forget, you will always be happy. All you need it just his/her attention and that should be proper.

Today’s blog is for the male personalities over there. I’m here to help you guys understand your girlfriends a little more. So, read it carefully.

Few advice’s for men

1) Lack of communications – I know you guys may be the busiest person on this planet but still if you afford to have a girlfriend, it’s your responsibility to give her some of your precious time. Because women need someone to talk to, and I know it’s impractical for you all to be by her side all the time. But still, no one can be busy for the whole day. It’s all about priority.

If you are not with her every time she needs you, it’s like asking her to move on. Be there for her at least and by “being there”, I also mean that you need to be mentally present. You try to “listen” to her, not just nod your head at everything she says. There’s a difference between talking and replying.

Pay attention, become an important part of the conversation, and make the conversation lively. That’s the only way you can strengthen up communication between the two of you and will make your relationship great.

Relationship advise for men-

2) Don’t be selfish – I know there must be many things that please you more than your partner. And because of that, you give less time to her. She starts to feel lonely and distorted. Women have the tendency to be treated as a priority, not an option. Once she resists your absence, your all efforts will fail to please her again. Every relationship has a connection and once u lose that, u lost everything. Try to maintain the spark in your relationship, don’t take it for granted. If you fail to fulfill your promises and not putting effort into your relationship, it will pull your girl apart bit by bit, to a situation where she wouldn’t want to commit anymore and will probably look around for a new romance. Even though she would be very much in love with you, she will walk away.

Relationship advise for men-

3) Insecurity – These act like a slow poison, it can slowly kill any relationship. Make her comfortable and don’t ask too many questions from her. Trust and loyalty should be the root of your relationship, there shouldn’t be any insecurity between both of you. Insecurity reflects that you don’t love each other. When you frequently doubt on her, it will irritate her and she will tend to avoid you as much as possible, to get rid of this. Most probably, it will drive her away from you.

Relationship advise for men-

4) Give her proper personal space – This is the most common thing for the break up nowadays. You have to be mature enough to understand that there are other important activities mandatory for life apart from your love relationship. You have to give her proper space to understand her responsibility and fulfill them as well. This will make her grow on her own. She will love you more for this freedom.

Relationship advise for men-

5) Be emotionally available to her – This simply means that, but efforts to show how much you love her. Convey your feelings in front of her. Don’t be so strict and Feelingless. Being emotionally unavailable is one of the worst things you can do with her.

She doesn’t want you to just hang out with her, attend parties with her, go to movies, or lots of money. but she wants you to be emotional, understand her, love her immensely, and be with her with a whole heart. She wants you to open up your heart in front of her.

Speak up your heart bro! She’ll love you to the moon and back. And don’t be absent in her special days, don’t kill her expectations. That’s what she wants.

Relationship advise for men-

6) Give her enough time – Time is one of the most priceless gifts that you can owe to someone whom you love. When you spent time with each other, this shows how much you love her and their company means a lot to you. People who tend to be too busy on their own, often end up alone.

Don’t be a person who doesn’t have enough time to spend with his girlfriend/wife. If you are busy for some days, she will surely understand but if you develop a habit of not spending time with her, labeling “I’m too busy right now “, this will make her hurt beyond measure. Make sure your girl never feels alone. Do not give” I’m too busy for you” vibe, or you will soon be filled with loneliness and no one to talk to.

Relationship advise for men-

7) Don’t compare her with others – A girl hates to be compared by others. It’s the most common reason why the woman leaves the man they love. Try to avoid this, as it makes her sad and she starts to overthink.

Relationship advise for men-

8) Don’t ignore the little things – Little things matter a lot in a relationship. If she makes an effort to do something for you, give her respect by giving compliments. If you pay attention to the little things, you will always be happy.

Find happiness in the smallest things and smallest efforts. This will make your girl feel appreciated and happy. Always make her feel special.

Relationship advise for men-

Lastly, I would like to say that – “She wants nothing more than that, what you promised the day you proposed her. “Try to be the same person as you were on the first day. Try to give her the compliment always, this will make her smile and it will surely make your day.

Be proud to have her in your life. Why wouldn’t she expect from you? After all, she loves you. It’s her right to do so. Learn to fulfill her expectations rather than complaining and making excuses every time. Otherwise, you may regret later on when you have nothing left with you.

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I Just Hope, after reading this blog, you may try to give your relationship a better platform. Thank you.


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