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Spark your willpower – (The story of a man with the only hand)


“Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Spark your willpower - (The story of a man with the only hand)

willpower – Hello friends! Today I’m up with a motivational story, which each one of us must know. It’s an inspirational story of “Karoly Takacs“. He’s also known as “The man with the only hand “.Most probably, many of us haven’t heard of him. However, He’s a national hero in his place called Hungary. After reading and knowing about him, I bet you will have goosebumps and will never forget him. willpower

Know the importance of willpower through this story

Karoly Takacs

In 1938, Karoly Takacs was the top pistol shooter in the world. He was in the Hungarian army. He was the only person who was expect to win the Gold in 1940 Olympic Games scheduled for Tokyo.

But a few months before the Olympics, his life took a drastic turn and drowned all his expectations away. While training with his army, a hand grenade exploded in his right hand and accidentally, he lost his shooting hand (right hand).

Takacs was admitted to the hospital all sad and in a depressed state because he lost his hand and also his dream to win gold in Olympic.

At this stage, every one of us must have decided to quit and we have been wasting our time blaming one another and probably, God. After that we must have spent the rest of our life regretting and feeling sorry for ourselves.

But Takacs was a winner and as a winner, he found a way out. He believed that there was nothing that can stop him from achieving his dream. He denied accepting quitting as an option.

Now, he decided to tackle this situation, and instead of focusing on what he doesn’t have, he focussed on what he did have. He asked himself “why not?” and he picked himself up and started learning shooting with his remaining and only hand (left hand). His willpower was so strong that his left hand developed the toughness. And he was now ready to shoot like a champion.

After months of practice and efforts which he had put on himself, he mastered shooting with his left hand. No one knew that he was practicing. Maybe if he had exposed his efforts, people may have discouraged him from doing so. And certainly, his dream had been a dream always.

In 1939, “The Hungarian National pistol shooting championship ” Was bing held. Takacs approached there. Other shooters saw this and consolidated him and also congratulated him for having the strength to come and watch them shoot. They were surprised when he said -” I didn’t come to watch, I came to compete .” He made them even more surprised and shocked by winning the game.

The 1940 and 1944 Olympicswere canceled because of World War 2. Takacs thought that his Olympic dream will never have the chance to realize itself. But Takacs didn’t lose hope and he continued to practice daily. Here comes the most awaited moment of his life. In 1948, he qualified for the London Olympics. At the age of 38, Takacs won the Gold medal and set a new record in pistol shooting. After four years later, Takacs won the Gold medal again in 1952, Helsinki Olympics. Takacs known as the man of mental toughness.

Winners always say – That’s ok . There’s always a way , I will find a way. They never quit until they succeeds.

Takacs could have let go of this opportunity as he had the excuse of not having his shooting hand, but he didn’t do this. He could have acted like a loser, but he decided to find a solution for it as a winner. “History is always create by the person who has the capacity to overcome his failures.”


If you want to shine like the sun, first learn to burn like the sun.

Next time if life hits you, decide whether you have to act like a winner as Takacs did or like a looser. Make your will power strong and let the success knock your door.

I hope! You get inspire by this realistic story. And make yourself a better person. This will surely give you the courage to fight with your failures. And you will understand the ups and downs of life and how to overcome it. Thank you.


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