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The 5 flop actresses who had their first film super hit…


5 flop actresses, There is no formula to be a hit in Bollywood. Here, who took advantage of hard work, luck, and opportunity, understand that he went up the ladder to success. Many actresses made a strong entry in Bollywood. They felt that they would go far in the race, but only after the first film, their steps started to falter. Today the talk of such actresses who could not repeat this feat again after giving the first Bollywood film hit.

5 flop actresses

Sonal chauhan

Sonal chauhan flop actresses

Sonal Chauhan, who debuted with Emraan Hashmi’s film ‘Jannat’, was in the news overnight. Discussions of his feelings were happening everywhere. Sonal felt as if she had a long career in Bollywood. But this hope broke after the second film flopped. Sonal never became a mainstream heroine even after appearing in many films.

Isha Gupta

Isha Gupta top actresses

Isha Gupta was featured in her first Bollywood film. He made his debut with Mahesh Bhatt’s film Jannat 2. Isha used to do modeling before coming into Bollywood. She participated in Femina Miss India in 2007. Here she received the award for Miss Photogenic. Isha did many films even after ‘Jannat 2’ but the actress’s role in them did not show much effect.

Preeti Jhangiani

Preeti Jhangiani flop actresses

Preity Zhangiani started her career with the film ‘Mohabbatein’ in 2000. His debut film was a superhit. After the success of this film, the expectations of her fans from Preeti were greatly increased. But soon the actress distanced herself from Bollywood. Preeti married with model and actor Parveen Dabas in 2008.

Gracie Singh

Gracie Singh

Gracie Singh got a chance to work with Aamir Khan in the film ‘Lagaan’. The film was a hit as well as Gracie. After this, she appeared in many films but she could not show amazing. Gracie Singh distanced herself from Bollywood due to a lack of scope in films.

Sneha Ullal

Sneha Ullal

Aishwarya Rai-looking Sneha Ullal made her debut by debuting in the film Lucky with Salman Khan. It was expected that his career would be a hit but it did not happen. Sneha did the film ‘Aryan’ with Salman’s brother Sohail after ‘Lucky’ but that didn’t work either. Later, due to ill health, Sneha considered it appropriate to stay away from films, although Sneha has appeared in some music videos.

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