Home Food The easiest way of getting a flavor of pizza (try bread pizza)

The easiest way of getting a flavor of pizza (try bread pizza)

It’s so quick and easy.

Most of us love pizza. Mostly pizzas are of high calories and sodium, as they’re usually topped with cheese, salty meats, and other high-calorie toppings. However, it’s commonly labeled unhealthy. And after all, it’s a period of locked down, u can’t go for pizza hut and domino’s, so I’m here with the healthy recipe of bread pizza which almost taste’s similar. Hurry up! try it. I’m very sure you will love it.

Recipe of healthy bread pizza:-

Ingredients u will require:- -2 medium-sized onion -2 green chilies – 5-6 garlic chopped – cabbage accordingly – capsicum chopped -1 medium-sized tomato -half carrot -vinegar – salt to taste -tomato sauce – soya sauce little bit – Bread – butter – paneer -schezwan chutney (optional). Note -( If you have cheese no need of paneer).

The Process :

1) Put a pan on gas on a medium flame. Add vegetable oil to it.

2)Add garlic and green chilies to it on a medium flame. And let them fry for a minute, till it turns light brown. See that u don’t overcook it.

3) After this, add those vegetables on it and cook them until raw smell get out of it . Don’t over cook it.

4) Add 1/4 spoon vinegar to it. And add salt to taste.

5) Schezwan chutney is optional, if u don’t have it, tomato sauce will work. Add little spoon of soya sauce.

6) Mix it well. After few minutes the toppings is ready.

7) Now take a bread slice and put butter on it.

8) After that, add the stuffings over the bread.

9) Take paneer and grate it . Add these grated paneer over it.

10) Then add schezwan chutney a little bit of tomato sauce over it, then again grated paneer. It will make the pizza double cheesy.

11) Put that on a gas oven or a microwave or on pan covering it in a very low flame. After 15 min u may have it.

Hey, friends try it, as it’s the simplest way of making a bread pizza at home, and also it’s affordable to all. You will surely like it. Thank you.


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