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What is HTML and how to learn HTML? -Lesson 1


On this article, we will learn, What is Html Friends, if you want to go into the field of a Web Developer or Website Designer, then you should start it by learning Html. Htmlis a basic thing to move forward in this field.

By the way, learning HtmlProgramming language like – Java, PHP, JavaScript, Python, C ++ etc. Much easier than learning, but because it is a basic thing. So to move forward in this field you need Markup language likeHTML, XML etc. It is very important to learn.

What is HTML

What is HTML

HTML is a Markup language, which is called “Hypertext Markup Language”. Htmlis most commonly used in creating web pages. By using Htmllanguage, we explain to the Web Browser what the information of our web-page should look like to the user.

Hypertext and markup are two different terms, whose definition is as follows:

Hypertext links two web pages within a text. So that when a user clicks on that text, it will access it on the next web-page. Thus, the links available on web pages ar called hypertext.
Markup language iss used to create the structure of any web page. Apart fromhtml, DHTML, XHTML, XML XSLT etc. There is also markup language. But Htmlis the most commonly used language.

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History of Hypertext Markup Language

HTML was started in 1990 by Tim-Berners Lee (a physicist employed in a French Organization as a Contractor). Initially, Html language was used for Document Sharing. After some time, Lee finally wrote to Browser and Software specifying html.

After that, only Html language has been used in creating web-pages. If you learn Html language well then it will be easy for you to create a website. Now because Html iss the most commonly used markup language, the biggest question is, how to learn HTML? So let’s know by now what ishtml? Now let us show you how to learnHtml language.

How to learn html

How to learn HTML? To learn Html, it is most important to have knowledge of Htmltags. Htmlhas many types of codes. Which ar called Htmltag. Which tells the Browser where and how to show the text written inside the tag in the web page. All these Htmltags ar already programmed in the computer.

That is why as soon as you give the command to the browser with the help of these codes, it immediately shows the language of these HTML tags and shows it in the web page. Although the list of Htmltags very long, but some basic tages which are basically used are as follows.

HTML Basic Tags

1. HTMLtag – <html>
2. Head tag- <head>
3. Title tag- <title>
4. Body tag- <body>
5. Heading tag- <h1>
6. Paragraph tag- <p>
7. Line break tag- <br/>
8. Centering content tag- <center>
9. Horizontal line tag- <hr>

There are many more tags. Which is very difficult to tell in a post. Because right now we are giving information aboutHTML, so here we will tell you the basic things.

The HTML tag is divided into two categories:

Paired tag – Another name of these tags is Container tag. Which ar used as Pair. That is, these tags have both Opening and Closing tags.

Example- Htmltag is opening tag , and Closing tag is . In the same way, they also closed by putting forward slash / in front of the rest of the tag. This means that to use them properly you will have to use both these tags. Only then you will be able to create a web page.

Unpaired tag– these tags also called empty tag. They have no closing tag. line break tag
falls in this category.

How to create a Simple Web Page from HTML?

To create a web page fromHTML, you have to open Notepad on your computer. For better Coding experience you can use Notepad ++. Now just understand the method given below.

Example of Basic HTMLDocument

<title> What is html </title>
<h1> how to learn html </h1>
<p> Hypertext markup language </p>
● Here! <! DOCTYPE Html> is a kind of declaration for computer. Through which the computer is informed that the created document is in Html language.

● After that, a web page is started with the Html opening tag (<html>). All other tags fall between html opening tag and Html closing tag.

● Head tag (<head>) is placed below the Html tag. A title tag (<title>) is placed in the middle. After typing the title, it is closed with the help of title closing tag (</title>), then the head tag is also closed with its closing tag (</head>).

● Now the body tag (<body>) starts. Heading and paragraph etc. below it. For writing, the heading tag (<h1>), Paragraph tag (<p>) and their closing tag (</h1>) and (</p>) are placed. After which the body tag is closed with its Closing tag (</body>).

● Now this entire html document is closed with the help of Html closing tag (</html>).

Now save this entire document. While saving this document, you have to pay attention to some things. For example - Save the file name as .html, Save as file by selecting All files and Unicode as ANSI. After saving the entire document in html, you can browse and check it.

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