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what is Java | how to learn Java language?

what is java

If your dream is to become a good programmer and developer, Then, unfortunately, it can be difficult for you to choose one among such programming languages. So which computer language is the best that can be started? It one of the best computer languages ever created. In this post, we will learn what is Java? And how to learn Java language?

The most important thing about. Java Programming language is that it can b used to create everything from web applications to desktop and mobile apps. Java was explicitly designed for use in the distributed environment of the Internet. According to Oracle, Java runs in about 1 billion computers and 3 billion phones worldwide.

It is based on C and C ++ syntax. This is also a popular programming language. Because the code written in it can run in any other platform. In further posts, we will go into detail about what is Java Programming. Apart from this, we will also cover the basics of the Java language. So let’s first understand what Java is.

what is java

what is Java

Java is a General Purpose Programming Language, developed by Sun Microsystems. It used to build Desktop and Mobile applications. It is completely based on object-oriented programming. C ++ and Java are quite similar to each other, yet Java has more advance and simple features.

Java programming serves the purpose of its “write once, run anywhere” (WORA). That is, it has the capability to reuse the code once written. It also platform-independent, ie compiled java code can run in all operating systems (OS). To achieve this situation, its program is compiled into Bytecode. We save a Java file (containing code written by the user) in .javaa extension. If you understand the basics of the OOP concept then it is quite easy to learn. Java is also more secure than other programming languages. It has emerged as a popular programming language in the last several years due to its many excellent features.

Where is Java Programming Used?

Today, Java is a widely used computer language. There are many fields where itis used. For example, it has been used in making everything from a scientific application to financial applications. Best games like Minecraft have been programmed in Java itself. So let’s see where Java used.

It used in developing web applications. Java provides better support for creating these web applications through technologies such as Servlets, Struts, and JSPs. Due to this programming language being easy and secure, We can easily develop applications related to many important fields such as government, healthcare, insurance, education, and defense department.

Desktop application

Every type of desktop application can be easily developed by it. Different types of APIs (Application program interface) such as Windowing Toolkit (AWT), Swing and JavaFX are used to create them. It has been rated as a great programming language by many developers for making desktop application.

Mobile Application

Java Micro Edition is a popular cross-platform framework that is used to build applications that run on all mobile devices. Today, most phones have android OS support. The same Java uses Android software development kit and other kits for it. Due to this, it has officially received the title of the best programming language for mobile app development.

Enterprise Application

Because it is more secure and powerful than other languages, It is seen as the first choice in enterprise application development. Java enterprise edition is a very good platform that provides API and Runtime environment, for scripting and runtime enterprise software. Apart from this, it also proved to be a backbone for various types of banking applications. Oracle says that about 97% of enterprise computers run Java.

Scientific Application

Most developers prefer Java language to develop a scientific application. The main reason for this is that Java is more secure, portable, and maintainable. It also comes with better high-level concurrency tools compared to C and C ++. Some of the most powerful applications such as MATLAB have been programmed in this. The coding of software specifically made for scientific calculations and mathematical operations are only in it.

Gaming Application

Java is a better language to develop 2D games. There are many frameworks and engines available in it, which we can use with it. However, C, C #, and C ++ are considered much better than this for game development. If you play Minecraft, then its program has also been written in Java. So programmers for web development do not have a uniform opinion towards it.

Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems is the component of a large system that performs a dedicated task in the system. This can range from a chip to specialized computers. For example, Sim cards, Blu-ray disk players, utility meters, and televisions use this embedded java technology. Although today it is used to develop all kinds of applications. But originally it was developed only for embedded devices.

Big Data Technologies

If you do not know what big data is, Then it is about processing huge data and providing insights or telling business. An open-source framework (Hadoop) linked to big data is programmed in it. That is why Java is suggested for processing big data.

Apart from this, it is well used in many different fields. This is a better language than object-oriented programming. OOP is a useful skill because it handles the complexity of the real-world application quite well. It is easy for a programmer to think from terms of classes and objects.

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History of java

In 1991, a group of engineers from Sun Microsystems who were being led by. James Gosling decided that they would develop a programming language for consumer devices. He named it the Green Project. The aim of this project was to build a. A distributed system that would allow consumer electronic devices to communicate with each other.

However, then C ++ was kept as the first choice. Now because CPU flexibility was a big demand for this process. So they thought of expanding into C ++. But they soon understood that despite its expansion it would not be enough. C ++ was really a complex language back then. After all this a new programming language “Oak” was born. It was named by James Gosling after the tree oak he saw from his office window.

Green talk

Earlier it was named Green talk and then its file extension .gt. In 1995, it’s Oak name was renamed and then named Java. Because this name was already trademarked by Oak Technology. The intention behind developing such a language was to create a programming language that is simple, robust, portable, platform-independent, secure, multi-threaded, object-oriented, interpreted, and dynamic.

By the way, Java was developed for digital devices like set-top boxes and television, etc. But due to its excellent features, it soon began to be used for Internet programming and WWW-based applications. To prove this language better, he developed a web browser Hotjava which is capable of running mini java applications (Applets).

In 1995, when Sun Microsystems released the initial Java Development Kit (JDK) and Hotjava. After which it emerged as a popular programming language. In 2009 it was acquired by Oracle. So far, many Java versions have been released, and let’s take a look at their history.

VersionsRelease Date
JDK Beta1995
JDK 1.01996
JDK 1.11997
J2SE 1.21998
J2SE 1.32000
J2SE 1.42002
J2SE 5.02004
JAVA SE 62006
JAVA SE 72011
JAVA SE 82014
JAVA SE 92017
JAVA SE 102018

Java programming language components

It is very important to understand these components of Java for developers. Because only by understanding the architecture of programming, you can master it. Whenever we write a program, itis in a human-readable language which is called source code. That is, we can understand that code but no computing device can read it. It is only able to read machine code or machine language.

So the machine can understand the source code written by us, so it needs to be converted into machine language. For this, there is a whole process of compilation and interpretation in Java. First written code converted to Bytecode, all this done using the javac compiler.

After that, the process of converting this code into machine-readable language starts. In which these three components have an important role:

Java Virtual Machine

JVM is a platform that provides a runtime environment for executing Java programs. It is a part of JRE. Which converts bytecode to machine code. To convert bytecode into machine language, JVM will first load it, verify it and then go and execute it.

Java Runtime Environment

JRE is a software that controls Javaa class libraries, Javaa class loader and JVM. You can also call it a set of software, which used in the development of Javaa applications. It is a part of JDK. However, you will have to download it separately.

Java Development Kit

JDK is a package of tools with the help of which we can develop Java-based software. Often the programmer gets confused about these two techniques JRE and JDK. Understand this, JDK provides us those tools so that we can create the program. Whereas JRE provides the tools to run the program. So JDK contains all other tools including JRE, loader, compiler, archiver, etc.

Learn Java (Learn Java in Hindi)
There is no doubt that today it is one of the most famous languages. Java developers are in great demand in the industry. The most important thing is that it is easy to learn because its syntax is in easy English. So if you have decided that you want to learn Java, then you can start it by following our guidance.

1 Where to learn? (Java Online Resources)

We have shared some resources below with you from where you can learn Javaa for free.

Free Java Tutorials (Links)











Free YouTube Tutorials

Java Programming Tutorial (easytuts4you)
Core Java Programming (Geeky Shows)
MySirg Java Tutorials
Java Tutorials For Beginners (Telusko)
Java Tutorial in Hindi (CodeWith Harry)

2 Install Basic Tools

You have to install a Java Development Kit on your computer. If the process is difficult, then you can read the Installations instructions from there. This is a package that includes JRE and various useful tools that help us develop Java applications.
You can download Notepad ++ for Java Editors. This is a simple text editor for writing Java programs.
Java IDE is a software application that provides a programmer with many facilities for software development. For this, you can download one of the Eclipse IDE and NetBeans IDE.

3 Start Learning Java

The tips given below will help you a lot in learning it.

To start the Programming language, you must first understand its basics. Unless you understand its fundamentals, you will not be able to move forward in it.

To improve Coding skills, you have to take time out and practice daily. So keep practicing it as much as you learn.

Get help from other developers. You cannot learn everything by yourself, so stay in touch with a mentor who can solve your problems.

Read blogs related to Java Programming. This will give you extra knowledge about it, which will help a lot in improving your skill.

It can take you several weeks, months, and even years to do mastering in Coding. For this, keep patient, slowly, but one day you will definitely reach your destination.

Types of Java Program

Java programs are of many types, the main ones being.

Stand-alone applications: These programs that work offline and are designed to perform a certain task. They do not require any network connections to run on the computer. They run directly by the interpreter. These programs are not embedded with HTML and other languages. You will also sometimes use stand-alone applications written in Java such as text editors and word processors.

Applet: is a Java program that can be embedded with HTML. Applets are used to make a web site more dynamic and entertaining. Let’s execute these programs with the help of a Java-enabled web browser.

What is Core Java

Actually the description of Core Java is not there at all because it is a term that. Sun Microsystems used to better describe Java Standard Edition. This is the most basic version, as it set the foundation of the remaining versions. In simple language, it refers to a subset of Java SE technologies.

It consists of several verity general-purpose APIs and special-purpose APIs. Because this is the standard version, you will see basic fundamentals of language in it. So when you heard Core Java, do not consider it different but it was the earliest version of Java. After this several Java versions were released including:

Java Enterprise Edition
JavaMicro Edition
Java card

Features of Java Language

It is a widely-used programming language today. It has become a popular language only on the basis of its best features. So let’s know about some of its features.

1) The first feature is that Java is a simple language. It is quite easy to write, compile, and debug its program compared to other languages.

2) It is based on object-oriented programming. Thismeans that everything in it is seen as an object.

3) Another feature is Platform Independent. That is, its program can be run in any platform.

4) It seen as the most secure language. Through which developers are able to develop a virus free system.

5) Robust means strong language because of strong memory management, automatic garbage collection, and avoiding many security problems.

6) Its Architecture is neutral. That is, it is easy to interpret javaa program in any machine.

7) It is completely portable i.e. its bytecode can carried on any platform.

8) It has the feature of multi-threading. That is, by this, you can write programs that will be able to perform multi-tasks at a time.

9) It is distributed language. With which we can create programs that run on the computer network.

10) Java is a mature language, so it is more stable and predictable. Java class library provides us with a facility for the development of cross-platform.

11) It has active user community and support in large number.

12) It provides integrated development environment to programmers due to its best tools.

13) Excellent collection of Open source libraries is available in it. So that it can be used anywhere.

14) A great feature is that Javaa language is absolutely free, ie you can use all its features.


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