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What is Web Hosting and where to buy the best Web Hosting India


To create a website or blog, we need two things. One is Domain Name and the other is Web hosting, due to which we can create a professional website.

Web Hosting with different features

What is web hosting

In simple words, web hosting works in a way to store the data of your website such as Text, Images. videos, etc. from where all the data accessed by Domain Name. Like our world, the Internet also a world and to build our website there, we need Jahg which known as Web Hosting and Domain Name the address of this Webhosting through which we can get information.

Web hosting provided by a lot of companies that charge you every month/years in which your website stays online for 24 hours.

By the way, it is very easy to buy web hosting but it is very important to know what type of web hosting will be right for you because Webhosting is of many types and comes with different features, so firstly you know how many webs hosting Is of type

Types of web hosting

There are many types of web hosting but usually, 4 types are the most used of hosting which is as follows.

  1. Shared Webhosting
  2. Virtual Private Server (VPN)
  3. Dedicated Webhosting
  4. Cloud web hosting

Shared Web hosting

As the name suggests, it is a type of Shared Webhosting which means that many websites are linked with a server, we call it Shared hosting.

For example, like you live in a room with many of your peers and use that room, the rent of that room gets divided among all the peers and everyone has to pay less.

In the same way, Shared hosting works where thousands of files of many websites are stored with one server, because there is not much traffic in Share, so Shared hosting is right for new blogger and it is also affordable.

Since Shared hosting is connected to many websites, its loading speed is low and you have to change the hosting when there is more traffic on the website.

Virtual Private Server (VPN)

This hosting is like a room in which all the things in the room belong to you and only you use the entire room as VPN hosting is not shared with anyone, so it is expensive compared to Shared hosting.

In virtual private hosting, the server is divided into different parts which are used only for your website, this hosting is secure and also fast loading.

When your website becomes popular and there is a lot of traffic on it, then for that you can use VPN hosting which gives a very good performance.

Dedicated web hosting

This hosting is similar to a home that has a server that works only for your website so this server works very fast.

Because the server works very fast, the website loading speed is fast Dedicated Webhosting is very expensive as it is used by only one person.

Therefore, this hosting is used by big websites, which have high traffic every month, it is very secure and at the same time more control is available on the server.

Cloud web hosting

Cloud web hosting has many servers linked together, so it is called Cloud Webhosting, in which all the servers work for one website, so this hosting is very fast.

It can easily control very high traffic and the chances of its server being down are negligible, so this hotel is very expensive.

Type of Operating System web hosting

Whenever you buy hosting, you have two options, one. Linux hosting and the other Windown hosting, you can use any of these hosting.

But Linux hosting is cheaper than Windown hosting, since. Linux hosting is an open source operating system, so Linux hosting is used by most people.

While the company has to license for Windown hosting, it is expensive. But Linux hosting is considered more secure than Windown hosting and also offers more features than Linux hosting.

How to choose Best Web Hosting

When you buy any web hosting, you come across many terms that are. New to you or you are not aware of them, So before buying Webhosting, you should know about things. So that you can get the best Webhosting for yourself. To choose.

Web Hosting Support

These are the most important points because if you do not have much. Technical knowledge or if you are buying web hosting for the first time. Then WebHosting Support is most important for you.

Because many types of problems come up on the website very often and the lack of. Technical knowledge can cause a lot of damage to you, so choose a Webhosting that you. Can contact directly and solve the problem in minutes by talking in your language. To meet.


The job of web hosting is to keep your website online for 24 hours. But many times it happens that the website is unable to load, which is called DownTime.

So before choosing web hosting, make sure that the company gives you maximum. UPTime (99.99%) so that your website is always online.


Fast speed is the hallmark of a good Web hosting and it is also very beneficial for the. SEO of your website, so the speed of the hosting server should fast. So that the visitor has a good experience with your website.

Disk Space

As we told you, web hosting works to store the content of your website just like a memory card. So the more the disk space is, the. Better it is, So choose a Webhosting that provides unlimited disk space.


Often you must have noticed that due to more visitors to a website. The speed of the website becomes very slow and website content is not visible. The main reason for this is Bandwidth which tells how much data. It can be accessed from your website per second and the. A website gets slowed when it gets more visitors so choose unlimited bandwidth.


Security is very important for the security of your website and the. SEO of the website (Search Engine Optimize) and it is also true that. Google ranks better than those websites whose websites are secure.

So today all good Webhosting company provides. SSL certificate with Webhosting, so you should choose the same web hosting that gives the SSL certificate.

Money-Back Guarantee

Most people use the Blogger platform for blogging. So there is no information on how WordPress or other CMS works and use on web hosting.

And many times, Webhosting like the one we buy is not available as it is. So choose the company that guarantees. Money-Back so that you can get your money back if you do not like hosting.

I think if you take care of all the things mentioned above. Then you will get a lot of help in buying the right. Webhosting for yourself So keep these things in mind.


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